My Review of my Favorite JD Robb Book yet. "Brotherhood in Death"

Brotherhood in Death - J.D. Robb


It has to be my favorite book in the "In Death" series. I think it's due to the fact that just like Eve, I have a hugh crust on Dennis Mira. In this book Dennis is attacked from behind and knock out, when he goes over to his Grandfather's house to talk to his Cousin Edward. So when he wakes up his cousin Edward is missing.


Now this is when Eve comes into play. Dennis called his wife Dr. Mira whom than calls Eve in to investigate. After processing the scene and really not finding anything Eve talks to Dennis to find out what he was doing their and what he remembers. Comes to find out that Dennis was coming over to talk to his cousin because he was trying to go behind Dennis back to sell their late Grandfather's house. 


After a day or two Eve and her partner Peabody come across of the brutalized body of Edward. By the way he was killed you can tell that it has to do with an sexually assault that happened to at least one if not more individuals. After one other person being killed and another missing, Eve finds out that Edward and some of his friends were all part of a group called you guess it "The Brotherhood". The group went around for about the last 50 years, raping and drugging a whole lot of women.


The book of course has some fighting and make-up sexy with Eve and Roarke. Having to do with sex on a desk. It was so freaking hot. And it had a great scene with Eve and Peabody. Along with one with Eve and Dennis that had me bawling my eyes out. It also had Trueheart and Baxter in it. Just say it was a very big day for TrueHeart. His mother and Eve had a really nice scene with each other as well. 


Really love this series so much and I look forward to every book that gets released. I feel more in love with Dennis then I already was. I love his relationship with his wife and with Eve. His to me like Eve's grandfather, I wouldn't say he was a father figure because to me that would be Feeney. (Sorry if I spelt his name wrong.) Like I said I really loved this book a lot and give it 5 out of 5 Freaking stars.