I Just Realized I never did a Review for The Darkest Minds, so here it is||||

So I have to say I read the whole series and I love all three very much. I will be doing three different reviews one for each book in the series.


The Darkest Minds had me from the first line to the very last line. I feel so in love with Liam that it's not even funny. Ruby once I started to understand her better really made me love her, and really root for her. Chubs, and Zu was just as wonderful and I just felt like all 4 of them were a family, and all very root-able characters.


Wow what a Hell of a story, the kids in this story really had a hard and terrible life at such a young age. I can't believe what happened to Ruby's family and how it must have made Ruby feel. And not to understand how it happened or what was going on to cause it, and to be only 10 years old, it had to be pretty terrifying for Ruby. Than to be sent to that awful Concentration Camp at such a young age. Thank god for Cate for what she did for Ruby. One of the saddest parts in the book for me is what happened to Sam.



I really started to fall even more in love with the book when Ruby escapes the camp and we get to finally meet Liam, Zu, and Chubs.Ruby's power is pretty awesome as well as very terrifying one to have. I have to admit the middle part of the book is kind of boring and parts seemed really slow. But to me the beginning and end makes up for it.


When they got to the other place they were trying to make it to, this is really when the book picks up. This is when us the readers meet Clancy, (sorry if I get the spelling wrong, I don't have my book near me.) I knew there was something off with this guy, he just rubbed me the wrong way from the first greeting. The way he acts around Ruby just wasn't right, and what he does later proves me right. I have to say that what happens at the end in regards to what happens to Liam, really was so very sad. I just love Liam so much and never want to see him hurting or in pain. I really love Chubs so much as well, at the first meeting of him, I wasn't sure that I would like him, but boy did he win me over big time. Ok back to Liam and Ruby, I understand why what happens, has to happen but it still wasn't to me the right thing for Ruby to do. But really what else could she really do, and would the story be as good as it was, if the author choose a different way for Ruby to go about doing things? To me it just had to go the way it did, so the series could continue, because every book in the series gets better than the one prior. Later I will write reviews for they other books in the series. Hope you guys love my review, let me know in the comments section, what I should have added to my review and what I shouldn't have added.