Host for a Book Tour. The book is So very Funny!!!!!!

So I was asked to host a book tour I have never done one before so I decided to go ahead and go for it. The book is the following.


And the Authors name is Jane Carter Barrett, 


From Amazon here is a description of what the book is about.


A wild and wily ride.

Antonía Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore is an unconventional historical romance that hums with energy, wordplay, swordplay, and a touch of melodrama. In 1586, Antonía Barclay embarks on a quest to find her real mother, Mary Queen of Scots, as well as the long-lost Scottish Royal Sceptre. Along the way, Sir Basil Throckmorton, a well-known villain and alchemist, kidnaps the beautiful Antonía and schemes to use her to pave his way to the English throne. If Breck Claymore, Antonía’s partner in love, does not find her soon, she will be forced to wed Sir Basil, and both Scotland and England will fall under his control. Readers of historical romance will enjoy the feisty heroine, her outrageous adventures, and the humorous take on a well-loved genre.



So the book was really great I enjoy it a lot, it had me cracking up a lot the two main characters of the book the Heroine Antonia and her hero the  Scottish Claymore were so freaking funny together and had great chemistry together. I would warn readers that don't love when the two main characters fall in love instantly that the two characters here do just that. It didn't bother me one iota!!!!!! Those two were really cute together. 


Antonia was not one of those 19 year old young adults that did what she was told and she stood up for herself and didn't want Claymore to defend her at every turn. She would try to save herself first and only when or if that didn't happen then she would hope he would come and save her but she would keep trying until Claymore or herself could free or save her whatever the case may be. 


There were other characters as well such as her brothers Oliver, Will, and Matthew. As well as her best friend  Claire, whom was involved with Antonia's brother Matthew. As well as her parents. And her nanny Minnie whom was also Antonia's mothers nanny as well. Minnie was such a hoot, that is all I will say about her. You'll just have to read the book to see what I mean by that.


The main villains of the story are Sir Basil Throckmorton, whom I consider a mad scientist, and his very stupid and annoying son Rex Throckmorton. Their is also Antonia's Biological mother Mary Stuart the Queen of Scots. And a couple of other characters that play apart in the story that help Antonia and Barclay as well. I have to mention them because things could of played out much different if they weren't in the story. These two special men are Gus Corbett and Reverend Stephen Goode. The other character I won't say whom it is but he is a King.


What did I love about the story? It was so funny, if a book can keep me laughing a lot that is my type of story. The characters feel so very real to me. When Antonia was kidnapped I was really scared for her because I got really invested in her and Barclay's relationship. I really felt those two characters emotions when they were scared for one another. I loved how her brothers teased her and how much she was her daddies little girl. Her mom was more of the stricter parent on her, but not mean to her. She just didn't let her get away with so much like Antonia's dad did. And Antonia's Biological mother was so much like her daughter that it was so funny to see them interact with one another. What they did to Sir Basil just WoW. Again you'll have to go out and buy the book to find out what I am talking about. 


What didn't I like about the book? I would have to say that I am just sad that it had to end. So I don't like that at all. It feels like I lost part of my family and friends.


I am so happy I agreed to take part in this book tour, I had so much fun reading and reviewing this book so much. I am so glad I have this book so I can go back and visit this wonderful cast of characters again some day.