My Favorite Singer Kris Allen, New music came out last Friday.

My favorite American Idol Winner Kris Allen just released new music last Friday. I got my digital download on Friday and Today I received my physical copy and T-SHIRT today. Here is myself wearing the shirt and holding my copy of the CD.


The songs are all so really fantastic, my top 5 would be in no order

1.Letting You In (The CD's Name) and a slow song, that makes me very emotional.


2. Move, is a fast upbeat song that is fun to dance along to and I just love the song because it is just so much fun to sing along too as well.


3. Feeling This Way. One of my favorites on the first listen. And makes me start bobbying my head and shaking my hips before Kris's wonderful voice even comes into play.


4.Time Will Come. WOW Kris's vocals are just spot on throw out the whole song. There is just something so special about this song I just can't explain. You'll have to listen to the CD to find out what it is.


Two are tied so really six favorites.



5.If We Keep Doing Nothing. This one is the most profound. It's about how are World is today. With School Shootings being the major one. And how we just sit around and do nothing, so nothing changes. It could be other things as well not just School Shootings, but turning a blind eye when something bad takes place.

5. Way Up High. Kris and this song came about while Kris was on an airplane. Starts out with Kris singing about the clouds  as they go racing by. His vocals on this one really shines through also.


The Other Songs



7.Waves. Which is Kris's single from the album. It's my son Vincent's favorite song so far. It's one that Kris has already sang live before. Its probably not my favorite compared to the other songs on the CD, but it's still a great song. And it's fun to sing along too.


8. Love Will Find You. My daughter Hanna's favorite. Which is about how you don't have to go searching for Love, that it will find you. Love when he sings about how a friend of a friend might introduce you to that special person and then you might be finding yourself eating sushi, and talk about what might happen next. Kris's wife Katy calls it the "Sushi" song. Fitting right? 


9.Faster Shoes. Definitely something you wouldn't expect to hear Kris sing. It's such a funky, awesome song. Talking about how basically you can try to run away from life but no matter what, you can't hid from whatever it is that your running from. His son Oliver's favorite song. I can't wait to hear this song live. I think Kris should open the show with this song.


10. I Remember You. This song is just so simple but so lovely. I just think it's so freaking awesome. I love when he talks about how he might not remember certain things but he'll always remember his girl.


Favorite lyrics have to be from Letting you in. He sings about how his closed off from relationship's. And then her she comes along with "A Skeleton Key in her hand.". And then he lets her come into his life, and she starts to make him come unhinged. Of course I don't have the lyrics completely right or in the right order, but it gives you the general idea. 


So in June on the 4th, my Niece Andrea and Jamie are going with me to see Kris in concert, in Chicago. I am really excited this will be my 4th time seeing him in Concert, but the first time without hubby and kids. Its going to be ladies night out. And it's going to be my nieces first time seeing him live. When I get back I will blog about the concert, and let you know what songs he played off the CD, hopefully all 10. And what I thought of them live. 


Thanks for reading all my ramblings and putting up with all my excitement. Also if you have never listened to Kris before you really have to listen to his new CD its really is Awesome and different from his other CD's. Also his on tour starting at the end of this month. You can find out more about his Tour, Music, etc, on his website. Which is the following link,


Until later; take care.