One of my Favorite Book's so far from NetGalley.

Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan (2016-04-12) - Joshua Khan

Boy was Shadow magic one of my favorite books that I got approved by the way of NetGalley. The characters of Lilith, Thorn, and  K’leef were so awesome and really entertaining. Those three had me laughing throughout the whole book. I really loved their friendship so much, what one didn't think of one of they others would. Hades that Bat was freaking awesome and I wish I could have been Thorn and ride on Hades. I also loved Custard the zombie dog as well.


I couldn't stand Gabriel, Lilith's soon to be husband. I couldn't believe that she had to be worried at 13 on getting married, I know that she wouldn't have to marry him until she was 16, and that girls got married young back then but still. I loved that Lilith wouldn't take crap from Gabriel and that she was such great friends with Thorn and K’leef. Favorite group of young adults in a book ever. I just thought this book was so made of win. It was just so freaking awesome. 

Thanks so much NetGalley for giving me this awesome website to request books from. As well as the Publisher and Author for giving me this chance as well, and just for my honest opinion of the book. I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends, along with anyone who loves zombies, flying Bats especially one named Hades, and just Fantasy books in general. 



what an amazing and Awesome cover. One of my favorite covers on a book ever. Represents the storyline very well.