Fantastic Book. Inborn by Amy Saunders. My NetGalley Review.

What an awesome and fantastic book. It was so good I finished it in about 4 or 5 hrs. Rosamund is an awesome and spunky heroine and I really liked her a whole bunch. I also loved who is hopefully going to be her boyfriend whom is Bryce. He has one of my favorite names of book hero. And his pretty awesome. I also really loved Romamund's brother Xavier he was an awesome big brother and you can tell he loves his sister very much. I loved that its shows how much Rosamund and Xavier love one another.


The beginning was even really exciting with brother and sister along with their parents doing a drill, you find out that they do this type of thing all the time. During this drill things are a little different because Rosamund who is on a different trail comes across a died girls body. Rosamund has the power to create portals, which I thought was interesting, shes also not human, shes an alien. Other characters in the book where Rosamond's friend Joss, and a mystery guy named “Lachlan.: just to name a few more. 


The killer was kind of a surprise, even thou I thought at times it could have been that person I just couldn't understand why that person would do such a thing. So it was interesting to find out why this individual killed these people. There is more books from this series so I wonder what will happen next in Rosamond's adventure. I really hope Bryce is going to be her boyfriend and there's no love triangle involved. Plus I hope we find out more about Lachlan, I want to know what his all about.


I received this book from the Author by the way of NetGalley for just reading the book and giving my honest opinion of the book. I am really looking forward to reading the next in the series which is available to buy. And I would definitely recommend this book to my blogger friends as well as my family and friends.