My Review of Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee.

Last night I finished this fantastic book, one of my favorite books of the year so far. Boy is Dash an freaking awesome, amazing guy. Like I mentioned before Blake the heroine of the book is in a emotional abusive relationship with her boyfriend Justin. When Blake finally leaves Justin I was so freaking happy, especially once she realizes that it's not her fault and that Justin wasn't ever going to be the person she first fell in love with. Justin was a selfish jerk in and out of the sack. I really couldn't stand him at all, he only cared about him sexually needs and didn't care if Blake was getting an organism or not. Which Spoiler...... She never did. And I hate to be crude but he would have sex with her doggy style and he wasn't gently about it either. I really felt bad for Blake because until she meet Dash she thought all relationships were like Justin's and hers. Sorry about going into so much detail about her sex life. But too me Justin was not redeemable at all, and he was so selfish, all he cared about was playing video games with his friends, drinking, and himself. Another spoiler while the Blake and Dash don't cheat on their boyfriend and girlfriend, Justin and Dash's girlfriend do have sex. To be fair both parties broke up before this, but it was only a couple of days maybe even just one day after Blake breaks up with Justin.


My favorite parts of the book are when Dash, his two partners, and Blake go Storm Chasing, there are a few misses but also so hits as well. And I loved that the author Molly E. Lee really goes into great details of the storms and how destructive tornadoes can be. I also loved that after Dash and Blake broke up with their boyfriend and girlfriend that didn't get together right away. Because Blake did need time to realize that she was never at fault and that she could be worth someone falling in love with her. I also love that Blake and us readers find out what Dash's real name was, and No I am not giving any spoilers in regards to what his name is. If you want to find out you'll have to go and buy the book, or if you have Amazon unlimited its available for free to read that way. Also book 2 is out now, even though its different characters. But the author did say that book 4 will be about Blake and Dash again, which I was so freaking happy about.