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Shadow and Bone - Lauren Fortgang, Leigh Bardugo

I am going to say that when I first saw this book I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book but I am so glad I bought the book, because I was wrong I loved the book. I even bought they other two as soon as I finished this one. I still of course have too finish they other two. 


I really love the heroine I thought her love for her best friend was fantastic. Alina I thought was awesome and I don't think I could be brave at all if all of the sudden my life changed so dramatically. I also really love her best friend Malyen or better known as Mal. The thing is so far I don't know how people can like or even want Alina to get with Darkling. In this book I just didn't like him or warm up too him at all, who knows maybe in book 2 or 3 that will change for me.

 I thought the storyline and how Alina came into her power when she did was pretty awesome. I did hate how Mal acted at the beginning of the book, when they were older that is, around Alina. I did get bored in parts but not enough to lower my rating or take away my attention. The ending I enjoyed and I can't wait to read about what happens next with Alina, Mal, and even the Darkling.