Went to see Independent Day 2, with my Family.

So my husband Rob took my kids and I too see Independent Day 2. We all loved it. I do wish Will Smith would have returned to be in the movie that's my only real complaint. I was happy that Jeff.Goldblum returned to play his character. I have too say he always looks the same like he never ages. 



I also liked the younger group of characters they got for the younger generation. I thought this movie had a lot more awesome action scenes then the last one. I also have too say I was happy that Judd Hirsch was back on as Jeff Goldblum dad in the movie. I really love those two in scenes together they always make me laugh. 


The beginning was pretty boring but once the movie got going it had a lot of none stop action. I think out of the younger generation I liked Jake whom is played by Liam Hemsworth and Dylan whom is played by Jessie T. Usher. 


Of course just like the first movie some major players die, (not saying who or whom.) The ending was pretty awesome, and the speech given this time wasn't as long as the last time. If there is another movie I hope it doesn't take another 20 years, and the way it ends its very possible that there will be another movis. I really think if you liked the first movie you'll really love this one as well. Oh another character I have to mention that I was happy that came back is Brent Spiner whom played Data on the TV series Star Trek, The Next Generation. He was funny but kind of creepy in this one, just like he was in the first one.


So who saw this movie, and what did you think about it? And who are planning to go and see it?