Finished my Copy of this from NetGalley.

And I Darken - Kiersten White

I finally finished my Copy of And I Darken. I received this book through NetGalley for just agreeing to read and then review the book with my honest opinion of how I felt about it.



I have to say I really love the color and book cover. Has to be one of my favorite cover of a book ever.  I really loved Lada and Radu, but didn't care or understand how both of them could be so into MehMed. I thought he was ok when he was younger but didn't really care for him when he got older. I liked Lada more when she was away from MehMed, I felt that she could be more herself when she was around Nicolae. I did like him alot. I also liked Radu when he was away from MehMed but I could handle  MehMed more with Radu then Lada. 


Because of the book taking so long to hold my attention and not caring for MehMed, I gave the book 3 instead of 4 or even 5 stars. Actually I would give it 3 1/2 stars, due to the fact I loved how the book ended and I want to continue on and see what happens next. As well as to see if I might come to care for MehMed as the story progresses. 


Loved these parts of the inside cover also and what they say


So yes I would read the next book in the series and recommend that other people read the book as well, because it does start to become very interesting, and when the book did grab my attention it was very hard for me to put it down. And Lada, Radu, and Nicolae. I really loved when right before it ends what Nicolae says to Lada about " Are you ready Lada Dragwlya, daughter of the dragon." And Ladu response with " Not Dragwlya, then she says, Ladu Dracul" I"I am no longer daughter of the dragon, I am the dragon."  So I can't wait to see how she is compared to her father, whom I feel was a lot more weak then Radu was. Even though I really don't feel like Radu is that weak at the beginning, sure he cried but I don't think crying means you're weak. I do like that he becomes stronger as he got older. But back to their dad, he wasn't just weak but he was a coward and a jerk as well. Out of all the relationships Lada and Radu were my absolute favorite. I know most of the time Lada is really tough and mean to him but she also protected him, just like he would protect her also. So there relationship was my favorite, then I already mentioned how much I enjoyed the relationship of Lada and Nicolae. I loved there relationship because of how much he has her back but he knows she's a badass and can take care of herself. And he doesn't try to change that about her.