Getting Ready to Move to a new house.

Where getting ready to move into a new house tomorrow so I am not sure when I will be back on my blog. Hopefully it doesn't take to long to get our internet turned on. So as soon as it gets turned back on or I get somewhere that has internet I will be back at least to check in. I will have plenty of time to really catch up on my reading until it gets turned back on. 


Hopefully things will really start to turn around for us. Are last landlord kicked us out because we were behind in our rent but really the reason was because he was a slumlord. In November around Thanksgiving are pipes burst and the foundation came down and we kept telling him it needed to be fixed and about a month in a half to two months ago he told us he had to exivted us because major repairs needed to be done and they couldn't fix it with us in it. My husband even told the guy before this happened that the foundation downstairs needed to be taken care of before this happened. Plus he promised he was going to put central air in it was never done. My neigh her downstairs foundation is starting to do the same thing as what are side did. 

The landlord even said we could start paying him back when we found a place and got settled but his now using that against us. I really don't feel like we should have to pay him back but I am not that type of a person so we will start paying him back in a couple of months. So that's what is happening in my life. I will be so happy to get out of this hotel that we have been living in since Sunday night. I am so tired of sandwiches, and tv dinners. We did get something good to eat for lunch my mom and sister brought us over KFC. I love those two so much for doing that for us there so awesome.


Well in the morning starts the next chapter in my family and my life, I hope its a start to like I mentioned above be a much stress free one. Until later you all take care.