Awesome Book in my Favorite Series.

Apprentice in Death - J.D. Robb

I don't really listen to a lot of audible books, I am more of a e-book or paperback type of girl. I received a free credit so I decided to use it for this book, and I am glad I did. 


Okay now for my review. I thought the book was very interesting and had a lot of action and adventure. I just really love Eve and Roarke's relationship so much there my favorite book couple, the cop and the reformed crook. The book was interesting because the apprentice gender was hard for people to figure out. 


Eve is so awesome in this book and she really is getting better in the relationship depart. I love that she is starting to figure out that its okay to let other people in. Parts of the book are so sad, due to the fact that of course people are dying. The apprentice doesn't care who he/she kills, if there young or old, men or women, it's the killing that this individual cares about. 


Boy Eve really can't stand either the Trainee or the apprentice, Eve really wants both of them taken alive. The relationship between the Trainee and the apprentice I figured out pretty quickly, but why they were killing these individuals really surprised me.


One awesome thing in this book is that its Bella's first birthday and when she gets the present that Eve and Roarke bought her, the reaction from that little girl is priceless. Bella really loves Eve and Orake( that's how she says Roarke's name). 


I really loved this book, and when I have money I want to buy the book, since this one is in audible. I really can't wait until February when the next book comes out, it sounds like an awesome and interesting case. I think if you liked Some of JD Robb's earlier books then you'll enjoy this one as well, because in this book, one place where something tragic happened before in the earlier books, happens again in this book. I don't want to say anything more, you'll find out yourself if you read this book.