What a very exciting and fantastic book.

The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element Book 1) - Kat Ross

I really enjoyed this book a whole lot the characters of Darius, and Nazafareen were very interesting  main characters. There was a lot of  action and adventure from the beginning to the very last page. 

I felt so bad for what happened to Nazafareen sister, Ashraf at the beginning of the book and I could understand why Nazafareen decided to join the "Water Dogs". The Water Dog's are, " individuals that go after the undead, how the do this is that they cuff  to themselves what are known as "daevas". Drevas are demons that have such strong powers that can kill the undead. 

In this book while the characters of Nazafareen and Darius start to fall for one another which is forbidden, its not  instant love. It actually takes years for those two to start to fall in love with one another. Some other characters in this book are Ilyas, Tommas, Myrri,  Victor, and Tijah. 

I really feel bad for Nazafareen and Darius a lot of awful things happen to those two along the way. Of course there is death in the book, betrayals, and of course a cliffhanger. I was really sad when one of the deaths took place. I was so happy to receive this book from Xpresso for just agreeing to give my honest opinion on the book. I will be reading the second book sometime this week and later I will review it. I really can't wait to see what happens next in this book series with this wonderful and interesting cast of characters.