Really enjoyed this Book.

Sun and Moon - Desiree Williams


Book I Received from Xpresso Book Tours. For the purpose of giving back my honest opinion of the book I received. The rating of this book is my true feelings of this book.


I thought the book was pretty good I just wish the book was a little longer for the final battle could have been more drawn out. Just at least for me I would have liked to have seen more of a battle. I definitely loved the hero Jaedon and his Bonded the heroine, Zara.


I really liked Zara because with all that she has gone through she doesn't cry and carry on, like some heroine's do in other books. And she can take care of herself and she doesn't need help all the time either.


Jaedon is an awesome hero, he wants Zara to want to be with him but he doesn't try to push her into it. He wants her to be herself and not someone she's not. He takes his time with her which I really loved a lot. 


Some of the supporting characters are Kaven, Bram, Arezou, and Rashne who are Jaedon's what are called his " Minor Governors." And we have friends on Zara's side as well, they are Princess Roxana, Essie, and Princess Roxana love interest, Dareh. 


I felt bad for Zara with her being a slave in the Tankadesh Courts. She was taken from her home at age 8 and taken their. What a life she had, but she had people that helped her out when they could. 


So it was a great read, and if the end battle would have been a little bit longer, and if everything wouldn't have been so prefect, .the book would have been a 5 star book for me. What I mean by prefect is that things ended to up to happy at the end. I would have liked some sadness. While I don't like characters especially my favorites being killed off, I do understand why authors do it.