My Netgalley Review of The Surrendered.

The Surrendered - Maynard Case

I really liked this book it was interesting and had some pretty awesome characters. My favorites were definitely Vee, Oliver who is Vee's twin, and my absolute favorite was Cason. One of my favorite things about this book is that it isn't love at first sight between Vee and Cason. He really didn't like her much at first, it took some time before they even kissed. And there relationship wasn't the main focus of the book. I also loved that there was no love triangle.


The reason why it only got 4/5 stars is that I would have liked to have Oliver more involved in the storyline. And also I didn't like how it ended, I don't see anything about this being a series. So I wish the ending had more of the end feeling to it. To me it felt like there was more story to tell. Who knows maybe there will be another book.


I felt really bad for Cason if you read the book you'll understand what I mean by that. Just say the Government really screwed up his young life. I also really couldn't stand Vee and Oliver's mother at all. To do what she did to her own children is just plain sickening. 


The Government is so awful, and some of the people working for the Government needs to be shot. What they do to some of the kids is so sickening. 


Like I mentioned in my update earlier today, is that if the parents don't have money to pay their taxes, if the have more than one than one of their kids have to go and work in different camps. The children get beat, some get raped, etc. 


I really liked Vee, but she does something stupid that really puts a lot of people in danger. There are people that die in this book but that's what happens when there's a war going on. 


I would definitely recommend this book to other readers, but if you don't like books were rape takes place then I would say to skip it. Even though the rape is not mentioned a lot and it takes place off the pages of the book. Vee does talk about it a few times, she was never raped through.


I was given this book to read by the author by the way of NetGalley. The rating is my own, the only thing I received was the book. And just for giving my honest opinion about this book.