Storm of Arranon Book Tour Review

Storm of Arranon - R E Sheahan





Excerpt From Storm of Arranon - Booking One

Birk rolled on top of her. Leaves and twigs stuck in his dirty, windblown hair. Dust swirled. Debris from the windstorm dug into her back. He straddled her. One hand grasping her throat, he squeezed.
Erynn coughed, clawing at his hand, and arm.
Birk’s laugh rumbled low and menacing from deep in his chest. His strange pale eyes sparked and burned with anger. His arm drew back, hand fisted.
In Erynn’s peripheral vision, the jeweled dagger shimmered in the sunlight. Blue tendrils wound around her hands. She released the current. Energy arced through the air. Time slowed to a measured beat. She reached out, her fingers grasping through dirt, stems, and leaves, finding and clasping the hilt. Static popped in the air. Erynn lifted the dagger and swung the tip down, driving the point into Birk’s thigh.
Birk screamed and released his hold, rolling off her. He leapt up, holding his leg. Blood poured around his fingers. His eyes glazed over. “You’re dead,” he snarled, limping forward.

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My Review



 I really thought the book was pretty good, going into the book I really didn't think I would like it as much as I did. It was just because it started out slow to me, and I wasn't sure if I was going to like the main character at all. I don't know what it is about Erynn but I just couldn't connect with her at the beginning but once I got to about 25 to 30% in she started to come alive for me. 


I loved the character of Jaer to me he was a man of mystery, I hope in the next book we find out more about his earlier life. I loved how he was when he was around Erynn and the way he treated her. 


While certain things were tied up in this book, there was something big that happened at the end of the book, that I am sure is really going to make the second book have more action and maybe even deaths then this one did.


I felt the villains in this book weren't very scary villains, but the big bad in the second book I hope is going to be a pretty scary one. 


After Erynn was kidnapped and the plane she was on crushed that's when Erynn came alive for me. So if you start the book and feel you might not be able to finish it, I would say give it a try until after the plane crashes. 


I really loved Erynn's friend Sean he was definitely my favorite side character and I really enjoyed their friendship. Another side character I liked was Erynn's other friend Tam. 


I was given this book for being part of a book tour, and just for the purpose of giving my honest opinion on how I felt about the book. The opinion comes from myself and no one else's.