Pretty interesting book I received throw Xpresso Book Tours and NetGalley

Restless Spirits (Volume 1) - Jean Marie Bauhaus




I really love ghost stories. This book was a very interesting one that's for sure. Veronica or Ronnie as people call her is one of the ghost in the book. When the book starts she had just died. I liked that the ghost were being kept their by a mean little ghost child. Sarah is the awful and scary girl ghost. What happened to her and why was something that's for sure. Some other ghost are Joe who Ronnie likes, Lilly, Ruth, Maxwell, Ed, and Clarice who she is might surprise you, more surprising is who killed her and why. Of course the alive person is Ronnie's sister Chris, who can see and talk to died people. Chris, Gus, and Ronnie are ghost hunters. 


Ronnie I liked, but my favorite was Lilly. How she died was awful, and something that happens to her in the book was awful and sad. Yes she's a ghost but remember Sarah the ghost that are keeping them there is not your normal ghost. 


I thought the ending was a very interesting why to end the story. I really enjoyed the book a lot and give it 4 1/2 stars.