One of the best books I have received from NetGalley!!! This book will keep you guessing!!!!

One of Us Is Lying - Karen  M. McManus

When I saw this book on NetGalley and it mentioned the movie Breakfast Club and also a murder, I knew right away that I had to have this book in my greedy little hands. So I was very happy when I found out I was chosen to read and review this book. The book had me from the beginning to the very end, and I never guessed who the killer or maybe killers was until the reveal.

I really loved all 4 of the main characters, so I was hoping none of them did it. I won't tell you who it was. The main characters where Bronwyn, Cooper, Nate, and Addy. They weren't prefect angels that's for sure, but we're anyone of them a murderer? I did figure out what Coop's secret was before it was revealed. Coop was the jock. I really liked him, but if I had to pick who I liked more out of him or Nate, I was choose Nate. Nate is the criminal, his the bad boy, the one mom's or dad's wouldn't want there daughters to bring home. I really loved Nate and I felt bad for all he has to go through at home. You can understand due to his home life why he does the things he does. But does that make him a killer? 

The girls I liked them as well, my favorite was Bronwyn, who is the Brain of the group. I thought I just felt more of a connection with her. But that doesn't mean I didn't like Addy, who of course is the beauty. She was just my least favorite of the 4 characters, even though I started warming up to her more towards the middle of the book.

I was so very happy with the way things turned out, in regards to wrapping up the mystery of who killed Simon. Oh I need to talk about Simon!!!! Simon was one F-Up individual that is for sure. He sure knew how to screw up someone's life, as well as his own life.

I voluntarily requested a copy of this book on my very own, for the purpose of being able to read such an awesome, amazing book. And I would definitely recommend this book to people that enjoy the movie Breakfast club, as well as a interesting murder mystery. I have never watched Pretty little liars, so I have no way to know if this book is anything like that show. So people that like that show, might want to read this book, to find out if it's anything like the television show.