Really love X so freaking much. What a sexy man!!!!!

The Edge of Everything - Jeff Giles

My favorite character was definitely X, I liked Zoe but at times she drove me nuts. The way she talks as well as the way she treats her mother. I also really loved her little brother Jonah, and a friend of X named Ripper. 

I enjoy the plot especially X being a bounty hunter that goes around collection bad souls and sending them to what is called the Lowlands. I just feel so hard for X, and felt really bad for him at times. Zoe and X sure fall for one another and says I love you way to fast. 

There are two reasons I am giving this 4/5 stars, and they are because like I mentioned above those two say I love you way to fast. And the cliffhanger ending, and nothing was really solved. I still really loved the book and I can't wait to read the next book, whenever it comes out.