Turned out to be a pretty interesting book.

God of the Sun (Stella and Sol Book 1) - Kimberly Loth

I received this book by the way of the author, I voluntarily requested to read and review this book on my own. And my opinion are all my very own.

The book started out really slow and pretty boring but by the 40 % mark of the story, it started to get much more interesting. I didn't care for the main heroine at the beginning but once she meets Leo ( who I will talk about more soon) she starts to finally loosen up a lot. I was so happy because at first she just seemed so air-headed, and had nothing much to offer.

So Zwaantie doesn't want to be queen, and she's in love with her brothers slave, (I can't even remember his name that's how boring he was to me. Leo whom I am rooting for,  is  from from Sol. I really think Leo brings out the fun side of Zwaantie, and I feel like she's more herself around Leo. I really feel like Zwaantie just thinks she's in love with Phoenix( that's his name.) 

Another interesting character in the book is called "The Voice." The voice if it thinks a person is doing or thinking something awful will punish that individual. It could be something like a headache or even ordering that individuals death. The voice is definitely suspicious, but keeps things interesting.

So as you can see I want Leo and Zwaantie to wind up together in the end. The book ends in a cliffhanger and it definitely makes me want to read the next book asap. I would definitely recommend this book, but I warn you that you have to be patient because it does start out really slowly, but if you stick to it like I did you will get rewarded. I believe the next book comes out in April, and I can't freaking wait to find out what happens to all the different characters, especially Leo, and Zwaantie.