Pretty interesting but Strange Story.

Daughter of the Burning City - Amanda Foody

I really did enjoy this book even though it was very strange that illusions can be murdered, and even though they do explain how, I still am not sure if I understand it completely.

My favorite character was Luca, something that we found out about him was part of the reason I gave the book only 4 and not 5 stars. It wasn't anything that he did wrong, and that's all I will say on that or this review will go into the spoiler territory. Luca is definitely a new book boyfriend for me.

I liked Sorina but certain things she did in the book I either didn't understand why she did them or she did things to make me mad. I loved that there were illustrations of the  difference illusions with a description of each of them. That last illusion that was murdered was the saddest for me, probably because that one was on the pages longer. So I got to know that one a lot more. The murderer was a little bit of a surprise, but looking back it really shouldn't have been.

I still really loved the book and I would definitely recommend this book to people to read. Oh my favorite illusions would have to be Tree and Crown.