Ok Book but not my favorite.

Red Sister - Mark  Lawrence

I liked the book more at the beginning, the middle was boring to me, and then it got more exciting at the end. The middle to me was so boring that I skipped some to see if it got more exciting at the end. I feel really sad because I really wanted to love the book more than I did, because I read so many great reviews of the book.

I would have to say that I really loved the main character of Nona a lot and I felt so bad about all she went through at such a young age. I think she had a lot of courage for such a young girl. There are a lot of interesting characters such as, Arabella, Jula, Clera, Hessa, Sister Apple, Sister Kettle, and Mistress Blade, etc. 

I did like the book enough that I would give the next book in the series a chance, and hopefully I will enjoy that one more. I liked the plot of the book and I was pretty surprised by something's that happened and something's weren't surprising at all, but rather things that you would excepted to happen. 

So while this book wasn't my favorite book ever, I still enjoyed it enough to continue on, like I mentioned above.