Wings Unseen - Rebecca Gomez Farrell

I just couldn't get into this book, it was a book that I was involved with for a book tour. I am still after all this time of thinking about it trying to figure out why this book didn't work for me. Janto the main guy character was ok, but he was pretty boring, his fiancee Serra I liked a little better. I really didn't care for the other girl character of Vesperi at all. Too be far I only got to page 90 before I gave up and said to myself this just isn't working for me and I gave up. So maybe one day I will go back and try and read it again. I will give it a star because I really wanted to love the book, because it sounded like a book that would really interested me. And also because it might have just been me and not the book that was why I couldn't get into it.