Really Great Start to the Series

A Necklace of Souls - R.L. Stedman

I got this book by the way of Xpresso Book Tour, even though this one and the second book, is not part of the tour.

I thought the book set the stage for this series pretty strongly. I loved Will from the very beginning, Dana took me a little longer to start liking. I think it's because she's pretty whiny in the first half of the book, she starts getting better towards the end. 

I think those two are cute together, and I really like Dana more when she's around or dreaming about Will. I felted bad for Will with all that he went through in the beginning of the book, and I loved that he just didn't give him, that he kept going when a lot of people would have just gave up. 

Dana's dreams or predictions, (couldn't think of the exact word) were pretty interesting, and the necklace, I am not sure what to think about that and what it means for Dana.

I really love how Will can fight and how he trains Dana. Will training her how to fight was a lot of fun and those parts were some of my favorite parts in the book. 

The ending is pretty interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next. Before I read the next book in the series I am first going to finish reading Dark Matter, and then something for bingo 2017. Which I am so far behind on, and where down to the last month and I am no where near a bingo.