Freaking Awesome, Loved it!!!!!!

A Skillful Warrior (SoulNecklace Stories) (Volume 2) - R.L. Stedman

I can't believe this series gets better and better. I freaking love the character of Will, I love that each book so far his in it more and more. It's a pretty strange story but that's what I love about it. I still like Dana but to me Will just steals the scenes for me. I think I actually love this series so much, just because of Will, the bad guys thou aren't very scary at least to me. They are very strange to me and maybe that's why, I do have to say that I wish they did scare me!!!!!!

I do have to say this book does end in a cliffhanger, so readers beware. I have finished the last book in the series, but have to save the review until my day of the book tour review. So look for it, on the 13th.