Changed my mind on who my Favorite character was!!!!!

Girls Made of Snow and Glass - Melissa Bashardoust

While I still really love Lynet, my absolute favorite character has to be the Huntsmen. I really loved his and Mina, as well as Lynet's and his relationship. I also love that he seemed so alive, and he believed in Mina even when she didn't deserve it.

I also started to warm up to Nadia and Lynet's relationship, even though Nadia does something that if I was Lynet I don't know if I could have forgave her. I also really loved the very complicated relationship of Lynet and Mina. Those two had so much in common, but yet they were both so very different. 

I really didn't like either of their dads, especially Gregory, the way he was to Mina, and to me he was so cray, cray!!!!!  I did love how the book ended, and the outcome of the relationship of Lynet and Mina. While there wasn't much action and adventure in the book, I still enjoyed the world building and getting to know the different characters. 

I am so glad I was given the chance to read this book by the way of NetGalley, after I requested to read and review it. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would read the book again, as well as recommended it to my friends and families.