Awesome Time traveling book.

Cold Summer - Gwen Cole

Once I started this book yesterday I just couldn't put it down, what a interesting book, and cast of characters. My favorite character would have to be of course Kale but I really loved Harper and her Uncle Jasper as well. Another character I liked a lot was Kale's best friend Miles. 

I thought it was a very interesting book that really went into great detail on what a toll it takes on someone in a book that time travels. As well as someone that has PTSD and how it affects them. 

I felt bad about Kale and his father's relationship, especially with everything else that Kale was going through in the book. I am so happy he had Harper, Uncle Jasper, and Miles, to go to when he needed them. 

Harper and Kale's relationship was really fantastic and I loved how they supported one another, with his situation with his dad and Harper's situation with her mother. There relationship was one of my favorite things about this book, along with the time traveling part of the story.

The ending of the book and what happens in regards to Kale's time traveling was interesting and very satisfying.