Really Great Start to the Series.

Rosemarked - Livia Blackburne

Boy this book was pretty good and it really kept my attention throughout the whole book. I loved both of the main characters, which were Zivah, and Dineas, both of them have a sad history. Zivah has a incurable disease called rosemarked, but she won't let that get her down. Dineas was captured and tortured, I believe he said for a year. And of course due to that he has his walls up. So Zivah is a healer and with this disease or actually with is more of a sickness, some people recover and is fine, while others get the rosemarked and that means they can get the sickness again. This guy named Arka, I am not going to tell you much about him but he is important in the book. Well anyways he was at Zivah's camp and got the sickness but wasn't rosemarked. Zivah was the one that saved his life, and he invited her to come to his hometown to learn more about medicine, etc. I know I am not explaining this very well, so I am sorry. But if you read this book you'll understand were I am going with this.

So Zivah and Dineas meet up and for reasons I am not going to mention, decide to go were Arka is from, but to do this Dineas can't go as he is now, for reasons again I am not going to mention. For these two totally different people to do this Zivah makes a type of potion that will make Dineas forget who he is at times. Zivah also makes another one that will make him remember at times when she gives it to him. Plus she makes one more that will give him his memory back permanently.

It's very interesting how different Dineas is without his memories, when his this way, his just so carefree, and really has feelings for Zivah. And you can tell that she has feelings for him as well, but since she has a death sentence on her, she doesn't want him to have these feelings. And of course she doesn't want to have them for him either.

So really no romance in at least this book, but who knows about the next book.

I know I am not doing a really great job reviewing this book but it's really an interesting book, and I finished it in a day so it really kept me interested in what was going to happen and how the book was going to end. Which was in a cliffhanger but yet satisfying place for right now. And I will definitely be reading the next one in this series, to see what is going to happen next. Because I really hope good things are going to happen to these two characters, who I hope windup with one another, if Zivah can get cured somehow.

I am so glad that I requested and was approved for this book, from Netgalley.