Ebooks and audible books I got today!!!!

So instead of reading the book I checked out from the library, I am deciding if I want to listen or read one of these books instead. The book from the library is the Young Elites by Marie Lu. And the books or audible books are first the e-books

Which I am so super happy about, since the author Meredith McCardle, wasn't sure if it would ever see the light of day. If I read this one, I would have to reread the first two, since it's been a while, since I read them.


The next one is also the last book in the series, and I should be getting some type of Swag from the Author, since I preordered the ebook as soon as she sent the email taking about getting swag if you preorder.


The next book is both ebook and Audio book, and is also another continued book, and I haven't read the first book yet. And that would be the following.

Just in case you can't see or read it, the book is called Ever the Brave by Erin Summerill.


And the last one which is the only audio without an e-book, and the start of a series by Nora Roberts, and that one is called,


So there you have it, which one would you choose, one of the new ones or the book I borrowed from the library? Leave your choice down below under my comments section!!!!!