Thought I did a Review on this one.

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance - Ruth Emmie Lang

Boy I didn't realize that I never did a review on this book. I ordered a box from Once Upon a Book Club, in case you don't know what it is, well you order a book, and it comes with other things but you can't open that gift until you get to the page on that certain gift. The box was kind of expensive but also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the book and the gifts that came with them, and really it made reading the book more exciting because you want to get to the page that is written on that page, and so on.

I am really glad I did this because this isn't a book I would choose for myself and I really would have missed out on such a pretty awesome book.

I really loved the character of Weylyn, he was quite a character of mystery, and very interesting individual to read about. The story to me is kind of hard to explain but its also pretty interesting, because it's mostly people that meet him that is telling the story on how they meet him and how that came about and how he touched their lives. It was also interesting because very weird and awesome stuff happened when someone was around him. I am so sorry I am probably making the book confusing but it's hard to explain without giving away a lot of spoilers. And it will also take away from the magic of the book, at least I feel that way. Again I just loved this book and thought that it was really unique and very interesting one.