Reading progress update: I've read 218 out of 689 pages.

Empire of Storms - Sarah J. Maas

I am enjoying this book so far. My favorite things are Dorian and Rowan's scenes as well as, Dorian and Manon's scenes. I just still freaking adore Dorian, so much!!! And I am finally on the bandwagon of the Manon love. I didn't like her at all until the ending of QOS. It's weird that I am not a big fan of Aelin, but I really loved her when she was Celaena (I know I spelled her name wrong).

This is my first time reading this one. I read books 1 and 2 twice, and 3, and 4, once. So I don't know how I am going to feel about Chaol, once I get to Tower of dawn. Since I really didn't like Chaol that much, until QOS, towards the ending of course. I am hoping I will like him, but who really knows .

I really like I said, am enjoying this book, but I don't know if it's going to be a 5 star rating, like the rest of the series, especially 3 and 4. I still am super excited for Kingdom of ash, next month, to see how everything ends. But super scared that one of my favorites will die. I will be super sad if my Dorian or Manon dies. I also really love Aedion and Lysandra as well. I am not sure how I feel about Elide and Lorcan, as of yet.

I was already spoiled about how this book ends, but I don't know how everything came about, so I am still super excited to finish this book and move on to tower of dawn.