One of my Favorite Book's Ever.

Sanctuary Bay - Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns

This book was just freaking awesome, and kept me glued to my seat. It was really full of action and adventure. Ethan has to be one of my favorite heroes ever, I really feel in love with him from the very beginning. Even when he first meet Sarah. I really felt for her from the beginning, and hoped that everything would work out for her in the end. I felt so bad for her with all of her friends dying. And I hope her dad isn't a bad guy. I had a feeling he might still be a live. I really hope there are more books with Sarah and Ethan, and Sarah finds her dad.

I received this book by the way of the Author, for just agreeing to give my complete and honest opinion of the book, and boy that's book really hit it out of the ballpark.