Pretty Interesting Book

SuperNova: Heroes of Arcania - Liz Long

I thought the book was pretty good. I really loved the characters of Nova and Cole the most in the book. I think there really cute together. I thought Pen whom is Cole's sister is alright. It sad when Nova's sister dies. ( Am not revealing a spoiler, since it mentions this in the description.)  Its really sad because you get to see what an awesome sister she was to Nova. 


The ending of course ends in a cliffhanger, a super hero type of cliffhanger. I thought it was not worth a five star but it was good enough for a four star review. It did seem pretty slow at first but once Nova meets Cole and Pen it really starts getting good and staying good. 


I received this book by the author for just agreeing to give my honest opinion on the book, I would definitely buy the next book. So I can find out what happens after the hero type of cliffhanger ending. I really hope the next one starts the adventure right away and keeps going until the very end.