My NetGalley Review of The Girl At Midnight. Really good book.

The Girl at Midnight - Melissa Grey

I really enjoyed this book it started out pretty slow but once it got interesting it stayed that way. I have to say while I liked the main characters of Echo and Cauis, but my favorites are Jasper, Dorian, and Ivy. I gave the book 4 1/2 stars instead of 5 due to the fact it took a bit of time for me to get into the book. I couldn't give it below that rating because once the book caught my attention and wasn't slow paced I couldn't put the book down.


I thought parts of the book was funny due to how much Jasper loved to tease Dorian, those two together were so awesome and so priceless. And I loved how much Ivy got into watching Jasper mess with Dorian. And that she helped Dorian even after what he did to her.


I loved who or what the firebird was even though I had an idea before the reveal and I was right. Cauis's sister Tanith was such a bitch, but she was right in regards that Cauis as he is right now is not a great leader. I don't want him to be awful like his sister but he needs to be tougher than what he is, his just to darn nice. 


I really can't wait to read book 2 coming out in a couple of weeks, and already preorder it. I want to see what happens now that the firebird is revealed. I can't wait to see more scenes between Dorian and Jasper. As well as to see what happens with Caius, Echo, and Ivy.


I am so happy that I got this book by the way of netgalley. And all for just agreeing to read this book and giving my honest opinion on how I felt about the book.