Book Review for One Wrong Move. Really Loved the Hero Camden.




“My name is Camden. I’m the chef who brought about your story.”
“I remember,” Rayma said. “Care to give us any insight?”
“Clashing of opinions.” His smile revealed perfect teeth. “Kind of like now.”
“Oh?” Rayma sipped her wine, but it came out as a slurp. She set the glass on the table and dabbed her mouth with the napkin in an attempt to look bored.
“You think I’m a jerk. I think you’re wrong.”
“You going to beat me up over it?” she asked, smiling. He was handsome and charming. She was taken in by his good looks but not by his charm. Charm didn’t faze her, even if her heart floundered in her chest and her entire body vibrated like a plucked string.
“How are you enjoying your dinner?” His voice, deep and rich, trilled along the lines of her collarbone and into her throat. His undertone was like a whisper-soft touch, and she fought the urge to tilt her head back and await his lips on her skin.
She dropped her napkin on her plate and tried to compose herself. “Why do you ask? You didn’t poison it did you?”
His laugh thrummed into her, each note sliding to a lower rhythm and settling into her core. “Now why would I do that?”
She scanned the room, her gaze landing everywhere but on his face. “I don’t know, to get rid of the bad advertising?” She finally glanced up at him. Their eyes met. She nearly collapsed with the punch of their chemistry. Her chair wobbled, like a dock in the ocean being hit by forceful swells, and her heart pounded out dissonant rhythms. “And anyway, you give me way too much credit. Barely anyone reads my blog.”
“Another clash of opinions,” he said.
He looked like the devil. Strong jawbone, deep-set eyes so dark she’d lose herself with one glimpse. Perfectly coiffed hair that could easily be mussed by her hands.
Certainly he evoked this effect on all women on purpose. She fisted her hands on her lap and relaxed her shoulders, breathing in and out slowly and inconspicuously. When that didn’t work to ease her, she grabbed her glass of wine and gulped.
“Would you like another glass?”
She hated how his eyes sparkled, as if he knew exactly how he affected her. He was probably accustomed to it, but she was certain he wasn’t accustomed to having the tables turned. He was like a gift from the heavens, and not because of his looks and his charm. No, he was the chef of a famous restaurant accused of smuggling drugs. What better way to unearth the information she desperately craved?
“No, thanks.”
“I have to get back to work, but I get off sometime after eleven. How about coffee?”
“Coffee at eleven?” she asked, oozing her own charm, turning her gaze down, then up again. Smiling. Flirting to her advantage, not his. “I’ll be in bed by then.”



My Review


I fell so hard in love with Camden from the very first page he was on. I don't know what it is about him but he just makes me want to keep reading the book to see how everything is going to play out with him. I really liked that he took no shit from anyone and he didn't try to be anyone else but himself. With being undercover and being around the bad guy all the time I would have been scared shit-less that's for sure. 

Another point in his favor is that his one hell of a cook. I thought Camden and Rayma had amazing chemistry together.


Rayma sure didn't know when to back down and she did some stupid things to get herself into trouble but I still liked her a lot. I like when the heroine isn't a pushover and Rayma isn't that's for sure. I just wish she wouldn't have done some of the things she did.


I thought there was plenty of Action and adventure in this book and a lot of it was when Camden was on the scene. Don't get me wrong Rayma has things happen to her when its just her away from Camden. It's just that Camden was undercover so he had to do more stuff that got him involved in much more shit. His one hell of a hero and I just knew with him around I wouldn't be bored.

I love books like this were someone is undercover because I  want to know how they get out of that life without dying. And without doing something that they won't be able to live with having to do. 


I was given this book as part of a book tour, but just for giving my honest opinion rather it was good or bad. So these opinions are my own.


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