I am on 53% in the book so far.

The Surrendered - Maynard Case


Pretty interesting book so far. I am really glad I got approved on NetGalley to read this book. I really love the characters of Vie, Casey, Oliver, and Jane to name a few of the characters.


I would hate to have lived in this fictional place. It would have been very difficult for me to hand over one of my kid or kids. 


In this book the parents had to hand over one of their kids in order to pay a tax to the Government. From the ages of 10 to 16 they have to work off the tax for their parents if they don't have the money to pay it. 


I really love that Vee stands on her own but her mouth gets her or other people around her into a lot of trouble. And Cason I am already falling head of heels for him. 


More to come once I finish the book.