My book review of Sunrise Underground for book tour I am involved in.



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 The book was really good, I loved the characters of Tilly and Justus. I really loved that it wasn't love at first sight. 

Tilly has a hard life with her mom and brother being murdered (not a spoiler since its mentioned in the description.) Plus her stepfather is abusive.

I loved that Tilly makes a family with a group of ninjas, who are also FNI. Tilly does get into some trouble involving her stepfather and some other shady characters. 

For the secondary characters I really loved Minnie, Jade, and Gabe. Also Tilly's bestfriend Heather, even though she isn't in the story a whole lot. 

I really loved how the story ended and I am really happy I got to take part in the tour for this book. I was given this book to read for my part of the tour, my opinion of how I felt about the book is my own and no one else's.