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Flames of Nevyana - Edward Willett
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Date: August 1, 2016 Publisher: Rebelight Publishing
Blue Fire is both blessing and curse. A gift from the gods, its mystical light and energy powers and protects the land of Nevyana, but it also divides her people into three distinct groups. In the wrong hands, it becomes a formidable weapon. When sacred objects for channelling Blue Fire are stolen, sworn enemies Petra, Amlinn, and Jin set out to find them, and their paths converge on a collision course with the truth. Can they bridge the centuries-old divide between their communities? Or will their search for the truth and the explosive power of Blue Fire signal the end of Nevyana?
My Review
I have to say I really loved this book a whole lot, I feel in love with all three of these individuals. Petra, Amlinn, and Jin were three brave individuals. I loved all three of their parts in the story that they played apart of. I really loved all three of their relationships. I loved that they were suppose to be enemies but became such friends. 
I really loved the ending and thought things ended the way they should of. What I didn't like was it took along time for Petra and Amlinn to get introduced to Jin. It took hardly anytime for Petra and Amlinn to meet so that was nice. I loved that it took awhile before Petra and Amlinn got together. Of course that is because Petra was a Priest Apprentice, I think that made things interesting. Because Petra shouldn't have had those type of feelings for Amlinn, he did try to not have them that's for sure. I loved that all three of them stood up for what they believed in. And that they knew that instead of fighting with one another that there clans, that is what I call them, should join together.
Even the bad guy of the story you could understand why he did what he did, even though he went about it the wrong way. It was such an awesome and fun book to read.

Edward Willett is the award-winning author of more than fifty books of fiction and non-fiction for children, young adults, and adults. He lives in Regina with his wife, Margaret Anne; their teenage daughter, Alice; and their Siberian cat, Shadowpaw.

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