Different from other End of the World young adult books.

The Sixth Event - Kristen Morie-Osisek

I really enjoyed this take of an end of the world book. I was stuck through on if I wanted to give it 3 1/2 stars or 4 stars through. I went with four since it was different than other books like this and because I really loved the two main characters in the story, Raquel and Chris. I really felt bad for Chris and some guilt he felt, I am not going to say what he feels guilty about. 


Some other characters were Susan, Andres, Theo, Xiao Ming, Monique, and Zach who plays a very important part of the story. It was interesting on what happened to cause the world to be destroyed, and how these characters tried to stop this from happening.


The ending was good, not fantastic but not awful which is a good thing. I am so glad I was approved by the author to review this book by the way of Netgalley. 


I would recommend this book to individuals who want a different take of a young adult book that deals with the end of the world. Don't go in exception a mind blowing plot through. It was a good book thought.