So happy I was given an Arc of this book to read and Review. Dash is so freaking Sexy!!!!!

Edge of Bliss  - Molly E. Lee

I have to say this book is even better than the first book that Dash and Blake was in. I never thought I would have enjoyed this book as much as the first one, but I sure in a Hell did!!! 

I feel in love even more in this book then I did in the first one with Dash. I loved that in this book we find out that Dash isn't without flaws, that he does things that he shouldn't, but he really means well. That's part of the reason I loved him even more in this one.


Dallas I really loved as well. I liked that she still had issues that she had to deal with, after all that her ex put her through. I did think she over reacted in one situation, but that's just part of her insecurities. In one situation I did understand why she got upset, but I still felt bad for Dash. Even though, he should have said something sooner, but not only to Blake but the rest of the team as well.


I loved that both of them had things that they needed to work on. I am also super excited that there was a lot of storm chasing in this book. And it showed how dangerous the job can be, but also how exciting it can be as well. 


I loved the ending of the book so much, and it made me really fall even harder for Dash. I have to also say how much I loved John and Paul the rest of this amazing storm chasing team. Those two had me cracking up so much in the book. And I hope there's a story for them also.


I would definitely recommend this to people that like storm chasers books or even movies dealing with this subject matter, and love romance in their books as well. Believe it keep me interested from the beginning to the very end. I got the book just a couple of days ago, and I had to quit reading the other book I was reading to read this one. That's how excited I was that I got the book as an ARC from the Author.