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Things had fallen silent for the time being at headquarters. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It means things were going smooth, but eventually a little chaos was going to be necessary to get things moving towards finalizing the whole operation.uc0u8232 He hated leaving it hanging out there it felt like a loose end and in this business those were deadly.u8232 It was time to call another session with the unit. If they were as good as they're supposed to be they'd be feeling the same. u8232 He rolled away from his window to his desk and grabbed his cell phone. He wasn't sure if he should call the supervisor first to call in the troops or just do it himself. There was protocol but he felt like flexing some muscles to see if anybody flexed back so he started dialing the agents directly. u8232 When had he ever been afraid of a little political tug of war }


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