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The Ashes and the Sparks - Mary Victoria Johnson
The Ashes and the Sparksby Mary Victoria JohnsonGenre: YA Alt-History FantasyRelease date: October 18th 2016Fire and Ice Young Adult Books
Summary from Goodreads:
Welcome to the age of airships. It is a world powered by steam and innovation, ruled by an elusive empress at its heart.Seventeen year-old Jorun is not part of this world. Hers is one of hidden tunnel networks and lights that dance across night skies, on that has remained separate from the rest of society for over a thousand years. This all changes when a boy appears from nowhere, raving about invaders from a faraway land. Purely by chance, Jorun soon finds herself in the middle of a struggle unlike anything she could have ever dreamed of, and must come to the realization that only she can stop an impending war.
My Review
This book started out very slow to me, it took until around page 80 before I really started to get involved in the story. But once I was able to get involved the book never lost my attention. At first I didn't like Jorun because of something she did at the beginning of the story, but I started to really like her a lot during the second half of the story. I liked her friend Danne I thought he was a pretty interesting character, and I figured he had a thing for Jorun. Of course she never caught on because she had a crush on Torgny, who seemed to have a thing going with another character. Nils was also a pretty interesting character as well. When these cast of characters went to a different land that's when things really got interesting. Which made me very happy because until that happened, I thought this book was going to be either a two or 1 star review. The second half of the book is where Jorun and her friends started to really come into their own, especially Jorun. One part of the story something happens and it makes it seem like Jorun is on her own. Carrie is the villain in the story and I really didn't care for her at all. Another character is Fridric and you'll have to read the book to see if his friend or foe. I will say he does play a very big part in the storyline, that's for sure. The book had a ending but there will be another book that takes place 20yrs after the end of this book. So readers can see what happens since the end of this book. I am really interested in reading it when it comes out that's for darn sure. I give this book 4/5 stars.
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Book Trailer: About the Author
Hi! I'm Mary Victoria Johnson, author of fantastical Young Adult fiction. I wrote my first novel when I was fourteen, and I haven't stopped since! Now eighteen, my bibliography includes BOUNDARY, the first part of the Other Horizons Trilogy (Lodestone Books, 2015) and THE ASHES AND THE SPARKS (Fire and Ice YA, 2016). I was born in Cambridgeshire in the UK, and I now live on Vancouver Island where I study Creative Writing at the University of Victoria. 
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