Book Tour Review that I am Involved with.


Chapter 4 (Reading Excerpt #1)

I glanced up, unable to move. A chill shot down my spine. Chadwick Kapule stood at the counter, his honey brown eyes piercing into me. He and I dated the last two years of high school. I’d broken it off after we graduated because of his jealously issues.
Chad had been one of the hottest guys in our class, so all the chicks used to crush on him. Not only was Chad sexy—he could charm you right out of your panties. I was one of the few who ignored him. At the end of our sophomore year, he pursued me. Eventually, I gave in, letting him take me out at the start of junior year. Chad’s rep was a known fact around campus. He’d sleep with girls, then dump them. Knowing this, plus everyone’s impending future of being betrothed, I never planned on getting serious. Students were buzzing that I had been Chad’s longest relationship. I wasn’t giving out, but Chad never pressed me for sex. I was the one that decided to explore my curiosity. After we’d been dating for several months, I lost my virginity to him.
Figuring he’d lose interest since we had done the deed, I avoided him in school the next day—ignoring his slew of texts. Finally, Chad cornered me, demanding to know why I’d been dodging him. I shrugged and told him point blank. “I’ve satisfied my curiosity.… What’s there to talk about? Thought we would be on the same page.”
Chad gawked, flustered, his cheeks beet red. Fumbling over his words, he’d said, “Are you serious? You’re not gonna talk to me anymore because we had sex?”
I nodded, but telling Chad that backfired. Not giving up, he charmed me until I agreed to be in a serious relationship with him exclusively. By being with him, I learned that challenging a man only made them want you more. With my blunt, no-nonsense personality, I had no problem telling him off. If he pissed me off, I’d hang up on him, ignore his texts, and avoid him in school. The gossip continued that Chad was a changed man. I cared about him at that time. But knowing what my future held when I turned twenty-one, I kept a leash on my feelings.
Chad didn’t seem to grasp reality, and his jealousy issues had no boundaries. When he got mad, nine times out of ten, it was due to him being jealous. If a guy even looked at me for too long, there was trouble. This went on for a year and a half.
Chadwick took it hard when I broke up with him. It took months before he backed off. Two weeks ago, I’d seen him at a restaurant. Tobias had taken me out to eat and Chad looked very unhappy. I didn’t even acknowledge him on our way out. Ever since, he’d started harassing me again, blowing up my cell and texting like crazy. Now he appeared right in front of me.
Chadwick narrowed his eyes. “I had to come to your job, since you’ve been ignoring my calls.”
“I was courteous to return your first couple of texts, Chad.”
“You promised we would stay friends.”
I rolled my eyes. “I did. But we’re not together anymore, so we don’t need to talk every day.”
“You told me there’s no point in having a relationship. Cuz after our twenty-first birthday we’d be separated. I let you go, knowing your logic made sense. Yet, I see you with that cocksucker, all goo-goo eyes.” He snorted. “Sounds like you’re a hypocrite. You better not be dating that clown.”


My Review

Going into this book I didn't really think I was going to like it, just because its not the type of book I usually go with. I just don't like books with a lot of sex in it, don't get me wrong I like sex in my book, but not a crazy amount. But I did really like Sarah J Maas's first book in the series of A Court of Thorns and Roses, and that one had a shut load of sexy!!!!! So not surprising I really did enjoy this book even though I loved Sarah's book more. I gave this book 4 stars even though it's more of a 3 1/2 star one,  but I rounded it up to 4 due to the ending!!!!! 

I am not really sure which guy's  I want the two main girl characters to be with. I really like Cade the most so far for Cali, not sure whom I want Stefani, with. The guys for Cali are Cade and Zion. And the other two guys are Tobias and Dom.

The book was interesting due to the fact that the couple's have to go to different island's and date other individuals, if they want to be with their choice of whom to marry and not who the government chooses.

I think I am more torn on whom I want Cali with then whom I want Stefani with. Because Zion is my other favorite in the book, he figures things out before anyone else does. The beginning was slow and I really was going to do a dnf but I decided to keep going and I am so glad I did, because the last half of the book was pretty awesome.

I really can't wait to see what happens next in this series, what's going to happen now that they know what is going on at the island, of course Cade and Tobias are still in the dark, since there on another island. 

I am so happy that I took a chance on this book, and that I was chosen to take part on the tour for this one.