Creepy but awesome books!!!!!

Year One - Nora Roberts

WoW this was such a freaking creepy book, that I hope will never take place. There is so many people that get introduced later one, that it does get confusing at times. That's why it didn't get 5 stars from me, even though I really loved it. Characters I really loved and are introduced at the beginning of the book, are, Lana, Max, Jonah, Fred, and Arlys. I did listen to the audio, I didn't buy the physical copy, yet at least.

I do have to say that there are such things as witches, Elves, and other types of supernatural individuals. I do also have to say Nora wasn't afraid to kill off characters that you might think are safe. So if you don't like these types of different elements, you might want to skip this one.

I really cried towards the end of the book, but like I said Nora isn't afraid to kill characters off. The ending I am not sure about, I still don't know how I feel about it, but I am leaning towards liking  how it ended, for right now.