Still loving this book, even if it wasn't my favorite of the series.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  - J.K. Rowling

I really loved my reread of this book, its the only book that I have ever reread. So from here out, it will be like I am reading the series for the first time because it's been along time, since I read the rest in the series, since around 16 or 17 years


Now I really love how Harry meet Ron, his family, Hagrid, etc. The first time I read it, was the first time I ever read a book for a younger age group. And this series, is what took me away from just reading romance novels. So its always going to have a very big part of my heart. 

I think this time around of rereading this book, it was my favorite time, next to what I can remember from my first time. I just love the characters so much, even the bad characters, I love to hate. I love that Harry has his scar, I love the scenes with the letters and the owls. I love Harry and Hagrid's first time meeting each other. I know Hagrid already knew Harry, but Harry was a lot baby then. 

I love remembering how much I thought Hermonie was a snobby and a know it all. And then realizing how wrong I was about her, later on in this book. I love how young and innocent, those 3 were in this book. I just love their friendship through the good, bad, and ugly parts. Loved the ending and how much Harry learned in his first year at Hogwarts!!!!! Had so much fun reread this book. And I can't wait to see if  I am going to love the rest of the books as much, less, or even more, if that's possible, after all my rereads are finished. I am reading a book a month, so I won't be finished with my rereads until March. So it's going to take a while, but I am so down for it.